Angela Brittingham posing with her Yay of the Day swag bag.

YAY ANGELA BRITTINGHAM! Angela Brittingham of Pemberton Elementary School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored Angela recently at Pemberton.

YAYWORTHY— Nominator Kristine Riddick said: “Mrs. Brittingham goes above and beyond the call of duty to make school fun and educational. She uses the technology tools really well and responds very quickly when kids have a question. She is so very patient with her class and is teaching them more than I think they learned in person last year. She has gone above and beyond to make sure her students are not missing education just because they are learning at home. She is one of the best teachers our kids have ever had and I am beyond thankful for her.”

Abigail Allen said: “Ms. Brittingham is a talented, upbeat breath of fresh air! She is able to connect with her students both in person or online. Every day she laughs, listens and connects with her students. Ms. Brittingham highlights her students’ cultural differences and always celebrates them. Her lessons during Black History Month were wonderful, insightful, developmentally appropriate and an accurate reflection of American History. She is a talented teacher and is highly deserving of this award!”

Thank you for all you do, Angela, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!