Lauren Dickerson posing with her Yay of the Day swag bag.

YAY LAUREN DICKERSON! Lauren Dickerson of Short Pump Elementary School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored Lauren recently at Short Pump.

YAYWORTHY— Lauren received mulitple nominations. Mihaela Rosu-Bubulac said: “Her instruction is extremely well-designed, and she has a profound dedication to her profession. Mrs. Dickerson has outstanding communication skills, which are evident in her ability to inspire students to explore their gifts, and in her success in creating strong teacher-parent interactions.”

Erin Henshaw said: “She has the patience of a saint. She gives her students ample opportunities for creative outlets, and she sacrifices her time after school to host study sessions. Her upbeat personality and love for students is so very obvious even through virtual schooling. Every time they begin a new concept that my child is unsure of, she manages to teach so effecfively that my child then walks away with total confidence in a matter of hours.”

Ishita Tiwari said: “Every day, she is positive and encouraging to us. I got a B, and felt bad about it, but she encouraged me and I felt motivated to do better.”

Jayaprada Gopalakrishna said: “She has a positive attitude and is a very energetic and caring teacher. She addressed technical issues in the beginning of the virtual lessons very patiently.”

Thank you for all you do, Lauren, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!