Emily Walthall posing with her Yay of the Day swag bag.

YAY EMILY WALTHALL! Emily Walthall of Douglas S. Freeman High School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored Emily recently at Freeman.

YAYWORTHY—Your student and nominator, Ryland Ward said:

“Mrs. Walthall always shows how much she cares about her students and makes distance learning as interactive as possible. She is always there for us whenever we need her, and she does an excellent job of making virtual school feel like we’re actually in the classroom. A specific example of that is when she found a way to let us do a lab at home. One of the biggest things I miss about school is doing hands-on activities, and Mrs. Walthall gave us an experiment using materials that could be found around the house! It was such a fun lesson and really helped me learn about the properties of water.”

Thank you for all you do, Emily, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!