Spring 2019 Student Information Updates

A message for all Henrico County Public Schools student households:

Starting Monday, February 25, through Sunday, March 3, you can update important student information online through the Rycor Online Forms Portal! This is the chance to make sure your family’s information (such as a home and/or mobile phone number) is up to date.

Important Notes:

 If you already have an account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal or Rycor Online Forms, do not create another account. Simply sign in to your existing account.

How to Complete the Student Information Record in Rycor:

Once in Rycor, under the ‘Completed Forms’ section, click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the ‘Student Information Record-Spring 2019 Update’. This will allow you to review and make any changes to the student information record. Once you are finished please sign, date, and type your name then click ‘Submit’ to update any changes.

Even if you do not have changes to your student’s information, it is important to login to Rycor and simply sign to validate the information is correct.   This will alert the school and prevent a paper copy from being sent home to collect any changes.

Click here for more information about how you can access Rycor Online Forms.