AssessmentDatesGrade LevelType Assessment
PALsSept. 18-29, 20171-3: Required for students new to Virginia Public Schools and for students who received summer intervention

Fall Phonological Assessment


PALsOct. 16-27, 2017Kindergarten required

Fall Phonological Assessment


PALsJan. 4-20, 2018Kindergarten Required, optional for grades 1-3

Midyear Phonological Assessment


PALsApril 30-May 25 (K-2)Grades K-2 required

Spring Phonological Assessment


Fountas and PinnellSept. 11-Oct 15, 2017Grades 1-5 (required, unless attended Summer School and have recent scores), K (optional)Fountas & Pinnell/PALs
Fountas and PinnellJan. 8-26, 2018Grades 1-2 and those receiving Reading Intervention(required), Optional for K and other 3-5Fountas & Pinnell
Fountas and PinnellMay 1- June 15, 2018Grades K-5(required); optional for students scoring in a specified Reading level Fountas & Pinnell/PALs
Math ScreenerSept. 11- Nov. 3, 2017Kindergarten required

Fall Math screening


Math ScreenerSept. 11-Oct. 13, 2017Grades 1-2 required

Fall Math screening


NWEA MAPSSept. 18-Oct. 13, 2017Grades 3-8 (required)

Fall Diagnostic Test


NWEA MAPSNov. 27, 2017-Jan. 19, 2018Grades 3-8 (optional)

Winter Diagnostic Test


NWEA MAPSMarch 26- April 27, 2018Grades 3-8 (required)

Spring Diagnostic Test


PSATOct. 11, 2017Grade 10 required

College Readiness Assessment


CoGAT*Nov. 2-17, 2017Grade 2 required

Ability Test


Non-Writing SOLsSept. 7-15, 2017EOC Summer as needed

EOC Summer Expedited Retakes


Writing SOLsOct. 16-Nov. 3, 2017Grades 10-12 as needed

EOC Fall Writing SOL (paper test 10/16- 10/20/17)


Writing SOLsNov. 13-Dec.8, 2017Grades 12 as needed

2nd  Attempt for Term Grad EOC Writing SOL


Writing Specialty Center Short PaperNov. 8-10, 2017Grade 8 required

Specialty Center Application Short Paper


Writing BenchmarkNov. 14-17, 2017Grade 8 required; Grades 6-7 required for school improvement schools, optional for others

Writing Multiple Choice


Non-Writing SOLsJan. 8-Feb.2,2018Grades 9-12 as needed

EOC of Course Fall Non-Writing Testing


Non-Writing SOLsFeb. 5-16, 2018Grades 9-12 as needed

EOC of Course Fall Non- Writing Testing 2nd attempt


NAEPJanuary 29-March 9, 201811 Selected Schools, 62 selected students in each school

National Test to measure student achievement in Reading, Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies (10 of the 11 will only be assessed in Reading and Math)


Semester BenchmarkNov. 27-Dec. 15, 2017Grades 6 -EOC; Any SOL tested course/grade in Reading and Math are required

Semester Benchmark Tests


Semester BenchmarkJan. 22-Feb. 9, 2018Grades 2-5; Any SOL tested course/grade in Reading and Math are required

Semester Benchmark Tests


Writing SampleMarch 12-30, 2018Grades 6-7 required for School Improvement Schools, optional for others

Writing prompt scored by school


Writing SOLsMarch 12-16, 2018Grades 8 and 10 required

Writing Paper/Pencil Administration(TG 3/6- 3/10/17)


Writing SOLsMarch 12-30, 2018Grades 8 and 10 required

Writing Online Administration (TG 3/5-3/16/18)


AP TestsApril 30-May 11, 2018Grades 9-12

Advanced Placement tests for students enrolled in AP courses


Non-Writing SOLsMay 7-25, 2018Grades 3-12 requiredSOL Main Form Test Administration
(Term Grad April 23-May 4)
Non-Writing SOLsMay 29-June 14, 2018Grades 3-12 required

SOL Expedited Retake Test Administration


Math ScreenerApril 30-June 1, 2018Kindergarten, 1st  – 2nd, required

Spring Math screening


Henrico AssessmentsMay 7-June 1, 2018Grade 2 Reading Required; Grade 2 Math, Social Studies, and Science optional ; Grade 4 Science optional

Local summative assessments


Alternative Authentic AssessmentsDue April 27, 2018 (3-5);
June 1, 2018 (6-7 )
Grades 3 Science & History, 5 Writing, 6 US History & 7 US History

Performance-based assessments for replaced SOL and VAAP specific grade content tests


Work KeysSept. 25-29, 2017
Nov. 13-17, 2017
Jan. 8-12, 2018 (11 & 12)
Feb. 12-16, 2018
April 16-20, 2018
May 29-June 1, 2018
Grade 12 as needed

Substitute test for EOC Writing


WISE Financial Literacy TestPretest March 19-23,2018; Post TestApril 23-May 4, 2018; Retakes May 7-25; June 4-8, 2018Classroom and Online Financial Literacy High School

Student Industry CTE Credentials Test


WISE Financial Literacy TestPretest Oct. 23-27, 2017 ; Post Test March 19-23, 2018; April 23-May 4 (retakes); May 7- 25 (2nd retake)Edgenuity IC (post test requires 75% completion of coursework) High School

Student Industry CTE Credentials Test


VAAPDue week of April 23- 27 on assigned daysIEP designated alternative assessment for SOL tests, grades 3-8 and 11

Evidence based assessment on SOL tested contents.


Teacher Evaluation Science Grades 6 & 7Sept. 25-29, 2017
May 7-June 1, 2018
Grades 6-7

Local multiple choice pre-post assessment used for teacher evaluation


Latest Revision 7/24/2017

*Online CoGAT is optional for the 2017-2018 school year, but will be required for the 2018-2019 school year.