RebuildAm2The Henrico County School Board recognizes that volunteers make a valuable contribution to the educational program and that their involvement in the schools increases the support of the schools by the community. Their tasks vary with the needs of individual schools. Volunteers can serve as classroom aides, clerical assistants in the office and library, tutors, chaperones, resource persons in a given area of expertise, and other areas that the individual school deems necessary.

Through a planned volunteer program, the learning atmosphere for improved academic and social development of pupils will be greatly enhanced and it is hoped that more community and citizen support will be generated for local school programs.

Information on background checks for volunteers
The safety and security of the school community is a top priority of Henrico County Public Schools. For your protection and that of the students and staff, the school system conducts a check with the National Sex Offender Public website, which includes the Virginia State Police “Registry of Sexual Offenders and Crimes against Minors” on all school personnel and volunteers. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, especially an offense against a minor, may be disqualified from volunteering depending upon the nature of the offense and/or volunteer activity.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please complete the volunteer/mentor application and take it to the school in which you would like to volunteer. If you have questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact the individual schools.

Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer/Mentor Application

Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form

Helping Hand Volunteer of the Month – Terry Moore – Greenwood Elementary School