Our county covers 244 square miles and is separated into five transportation zones.

If you have a question about your child’s bus route, please click on the appropriate zone to get contact information for the zone office supervisor for your school.  

William (Bill) Manns, Supervisor
Office: (804) 236-5772
Fax:  (804) 236-5710
Office Location: Baker Elementary School


  • Baker Elementary
  • Donahoe Elementary
  • Elko Middle
  • Fair Oaks Elementary
  • Mehfoud Elementary
  • Montrose Elementary
  • Rolfe Middle
  • Sandston Elementary
  • Seven Pines Elementary
  • Varina Elementary
  • Varina High School
  • Ward Elementary

Susan Bernstein, Supervisor
Office: (804) 261-5075
Fax:  (804) 261-5078
Office Location: Brookland Middle School


  • Brookland Middle
  • Dumbarton Elementary
  • Hermitage High School
  • Holladay Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Lakeside Elementary
  • Longdale Elementary
  • Moody Middle
  • Trevvett Elementary
  • Tucker High School

Roberta D. McMillen, Supervisor
Office: (804) 727-8618
Fax:  (804) 727-8792
Office Location: Central Auto Maintenance –  Woodman Road (Bus Lot)


  • Colonial Trail Elementary
  • Deep Run High School
  • Echo Lake Elementary
  • Glen Allen Elementary
  • Glen Allen High School
  • Greenwood Elementary
  • Holman Middle
  • Hungary Creek Middle
  • Kaechele Elementary
  • Longan Elementary
  • River’s Edge Elementary
  • Shady Grove Elementary
  • Short Pump Middle
  • Springfield Park Elementary
  • Twin Hickory Elementary

Tomella (Toby) Bowles, Supervisor 
Office: (804) 217-6273
Fax:  (804) 217-6277
Office Location: Skipwith Elementary School


  • Byrd Middle
  • Carver Elementary
  • Crestview Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Freeman High School
  • Gayton Elementary
  • Godwin High School
  • Maybeury Elementary
  • Nuckols Farm Elementary
  • Pemberton Elementary
  • Pinchbeck Elementary
  • Pocahontas Middle
  • Ridge Elementary
  • Short Pump Elementary
  • Skipwith Elementary
  • Three Chopt Elementary
  • Tuckahoe Elementary
  • Tuckahoe Middle

Lisa Jones, Supervisor
Office: (804)328-3454
Fax:  (804) 328-3459
Office Location: Fairfield Middle School


  • Adams Elementary
  • Arthur Ashe Elementary
  • Chamberlayne Elementary
  • Elko Middle
  • Fairfield Middle
  • Glen Lea Elementary
  • Harvie Elementary
  • Henrico High School
  • Highland Springs Elementary
  • Highland Springs High School
  • Laburnum Elementary
  • Ratcliffe Elementary
  • Wilder Middle
  • Follow all directions from the driver or assistant

    Remain in your seat at all times

    No pushing, shoving, fighting or loud noises at any time

    No cursing, abusive or disrespectful language, or yelling out of the window

    No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus

    Do not litter, write on or damage the bus in any way

    No throwing objects

    The use of any type of unauthorized electronic or mechanical device is prohibited

  • Following these simple rules will help you stay safe on the bus:

    Always be on time at the bus stop.

    Always stand back from the curb.

    Always walk to and from the bus. Never run.

    Always wait your turn to get on or off the bus. Never to push or shove.

    Always stay in your seat unless the driver tells you otherwise.

    Always keep the aisle in the bus clear.

    Always talk quietly to the people sitting around you. Never yell and shout.

    Always obey the driver. His or her job is to look out for your safety.

    Always take at least 10 giant steps before turning when you get off the bus. This is so the driver can see you.

    Always wait for the driver’s OK before crossing the street.

    NEVER walk behind the bus.

    NEVER crawl underneath a school bus. If you drop something, tell the driver and he or she will tell you what to do.

  • Join the ranks of the safest and greatest team of school bus drivers!

    Full Time Bus Driver  $13.20 per hour ($13.52 with experience)


    Positions are available in all areas of Henrico County

    • Paid training
    • Convenient work hours
    • Holidays and summers off

    Substitute Bus Driver  $12.57 per hour
    Substitute Bus Assistants  $10.92 per hour
    For more information and an application, call: 804-226-5577 between 8am to 4:30pm.

    Join The Driving Force In Education! Be a school bus driver for Henrico County Public Schools!

  • Transportation is arranged from the neighborhood bus stop, using the student’s home address, and provided to each center or school. Students must register via ZippSlip completing the Pupil Transportation Registration Form.

    Specialty Center and JROTC students who reside outside of the school’s attendance zone will be transported as follows.

    Morning Transportation

    Students are picked up from neighborhood bus stops and transported to one of the four regional transfer hubs. These hubs are located at the following schools: Highland Springs High, Hermitage High, Deep Run High and Freeman High. Students will then board a bus identified to transport students from the hub to their school.

    Families that choose to drop students off at the hub in the morning must arrive no later than 7:40 a.m.

    Transportation personnel from the HCPS Department of Pupil Transportation will be stationed at the hubs to help direct students. Students must follow the direction of the Transfer hub coordinator. The school building at the Transfer hub is not open for student access.

    Afternoon Transportation

    Students board a shuttle bus identified to return to the assigned hub.  Students then board their assigned buses to go home to their neighborhood bus stop.

    Maggie Walker Governor’s School students board a shuttle bus identified to return to the student’s home high school. Students then board their assigned bus to go home to their neighborhood bus stop. 

    Other Facts

    The hub system is the most efficient way that we can provide transportation to students attending schools out of their home attendance zones. Some of the students have very lengthy travel times, especially those that live farthest from a regional hub. The high school morning bell rings at 8:55, but some students have neighborhood stop times earlier than 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Buses depart high schools by 4:05 p.m. in the afternoon, but some students have neighborhood stop times later than 5:15 p.m. The hubs have to release all buses at the same time (morning and afternoon), so students with the shortest shuttles between the hub and school may (1) arrive at school quite early in the morning, and (2) have a delay at their afternoon hub waiting for all buses to arrive.

Contact Information:
Transportation 804-226-5577

C. Josh Davis, Director
Kevin T. Roye, Assistant Director

You can follow our director on Twitter @JoshDavisTPort