The purpose of the HCPS Teacher Scholars’ program is to address the staffing needs and increasing demand for highly qualified teachers in critical shortage teaching areas, thereby improving the delivery of service to HCPS students. Content areas are:  Science, Spanish, Mathematics, Exceptional Education, Science, Technology Education and Family and Consumer Sciences.

It is our intent to encourage, identify and accept high school seniors who are genuinely interested in teaching to pursue the career, and then return to HCPS with a guaranteed role as a teacher in one of these critical shortage areas!

Applications will be reviewed by a committee and 15 Teacher Scholars graduating in 2018 will be selected.

Eligibility Requirements as a High School Senior:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible for employment in the U.S.
  • Be a high school senior graduating this year.
  • Agree to enroll and complete a teacher education program at an accredited college or university leading to VADOE teacher certification in one of the identified shortage areas.


  • Agree to enroll and complete a program at an accredited college or university leading to an undergraduate degree in the content focus area.  (Spanish, FACS, etc…)

Application Process:
Interested students must complete the application provided, include a resume, and the name and contact information of two references.

In addition, a written essay is required explaining, “I want to become a teacher because…” Applicants will also be subject to an interview before a panel, and/or required to teach a short lesson on an approved subject of your choice.

Eligibility Requirements as a College Graduate:

  • Be an approved participant in the Teacher Scholars Program for HCPS.
  • Receive a positive reference from student teaching experiences.
  • Receive a positive reference from your university student advisor.
  • Be flexible as to your placement within HCPS so that we can best meet the needs of our student population.
  • Those who meet all eligibility requirements will also receive a $5000 supplement with a minimum three year commitment required. Forfeiture of this three year commitment will result in full pay back of the supplement.

This is a no risk opportunity:
We realize plans change and life can take you in other directions. The Teacher Scholars’ program is a no risk opportunity. If you find that during your collegiate journey you are no longer interested in participating in the HCPS Teacher Scholars Program, you just need to simply let us know

Teacher Scholars Program