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Henrico County Public Schools, in partnership with the Community Training and Technical Assistance Center (CTAC), was awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund grant in the amount of $16,447,775 over five years. The Learning Leaders Initiative will pilot and sustain a performance-based staff development and differentiated compensation plan. The initiative will provide teachers and principals in Henrico County’s highest-need schools with incentive pay tied directly to effective and engaging classroom instruction leading to growth in student achievement.

Learning Leaders directly addresses our nation’s greatest challenge and the Henrico School Division’s Strategic Plan focus of ensuring all children have access to a quality education by supporting the recruitment, retention and training of exceptional teachers and leaders. It is only through high quality staff that creates engaging learning environments, that high levels of student learning can be ensured.

The final evaluation of the TIF grant will be completed in 2016. Click here to review the Year 4 evaluation, which was completed in April 2015.

The goals for the Learning Leaders Initiative are to:

  • Build teacher and principal capacity to increase student achievement by aligning and improving implementation of teaching standards to ensure effective and engaging teaching.
  • Retain a community of high-performing educators in typically hard-to-staff schools to drive academic achievement in the short and long term.
  • Develop the school division’s capacity to implement and evaluate a performance-based compensation system.
Learning Leaders

Participating Schools:

Adams Elementary
Fair Oaks Elementary
Glen Lea Elementary
Highland Springs Elementary
Laburnum Elementary
Fairfield Middle
Wilder Middle
Highland Springs High 

  • HCPS has made significant progress in achieving the goals of this first year of grant implementation. Having met the US DOE Core Elements prior to the award of the TIF grant, we have moved rapidly to begin carrying out the plan. A clear indicator of progress is that in June 2011, we awarded our first incentive bonuses to teachers and administrators. In Year 1, incentive bonuses were based on teacher growth as determined by classroom observations. The goal of Year 1 was to ensure that every teacher grows to an instructional level that enables him/her to do a better job of providing students with engaging, high level instruction; the precursor for enacting the incentive for student achievement growth in Year 2.

    Our key areas of focus throughout the first year have been: communication/stakeholder engagement; development of a framework for teacher evaluation and rigorous rubrics to measure teacher effectiveness in Learning Leaders schools; the creation of a collegial culture of effective teaching; data management system development; and issuance of first performance bonuses to teachers and principals.

    The teachers will convene this summer in the Learning Leaders Academy to begin to develop learning contracts for students that will measure expected student growth. Teachers will use baseline data from three valid and reliable assessments: the Virginia Standards of Student Learning (SOLs), Phonemic Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), and NWEA’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). Data analyses conducted by Henrico and CTAC (our external partner and evaluator) will be used this summer to assist teachers to define student growth for the 2011-2012 program year with annual student learning contracts continuing in the remaining four years of the program.

     Henrico County Public Schools, in partnership with the Community Training and Technical Assistance Center (CTAC), was awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund grant in the amount of $16,447,775 over five years.

  • Differentiated incentive compensation plan for teachers and principals

    Teachers will receive an incentive for meeting *100% of their implementation of the *PQRs. This will be determined by walk-through and classroom observation data. $3,000 Principals will receive an incentive for meeting *100% of their targets for supporting teacher growth in implementation of the PQRs. This will be determined by examination of walk-through and observation data collected and their documented post-observation conferencing skills. $4,000
    Teachers will receive an incentive for meeting *100% of their student learning goals for each student on their roster. Student learning targets will be based on state test scores and value-added growth measure assessments. $5,000 Principals will receive an incentive for meeting identified school-wide student achievement targets. These will be set by the principals’ supervisor and include state test pass rate, attendance, discipline referrals, parent involvement, and stakeholder perception survey results. $3,000
        Principals will receive an incentive if the teachers they supervise make *100% of their student learning targets for each individual student on their roster. Since the principal’s role is to ensure teachers and students are successful, this target will be tied to teacher success $3,000
    Total possible teacher incentive compensation * $8,000 Total possible principal incentive compensation $10,000
    * Table Notes
    1. PQRs are the teaching standards that, when implemented well, create an effective learning environment for teaching and learning.
    2. The incentive amounts are for 100% goal attainment. The incentive amounts will be adjusted to match the percentage of goal attainment. For example, 80% goal attainment will garner 80% of the incentive amount. No incentive will be paid for goal attainment below 50%.
    3. These incentives will be paid annually upon calculation of goal attainment.
    4. In addition to up to $8,000 in incentive pay, secondary math, science and special education teachers will receive a one-time signing bonus of $1,000.

Contact Information:

Linda Thompson, Learning Leaders Grant Coordinator  804-652-3596