Federal Programs Preschool is recruiting for the following elementary schools:

Adams, Arthur Ashe, Baker, Chamberlayne, Crestview, Donahoe, Dumbarton, Fair Oaks, Glen Lea, Greenwood, Harvie, Highland Springs, Holladay, Johnson, Laburnum, Lakeside, Longan, Longdale, Montrose, Ratcliffe, Ridge, Sandston, Seven Pines at Sandston, Skipwith, Trevvett and Ward.

Child must be (4) four years old by September 30, 2017 (NO EXCEPTIONS) Children are not admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, and are not guaranteed acceptance into the program.

Recruitment Dates February 13, 2017 – May 5, 2017

How do I apply?

  1. Pick up a recruitment packet from your area elementary school from the list below.

  2. Submit a pre-application online at: https://goo.gl/8ZLunL

  3. The Family Advocate assigned to the elementary school in your area will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete the application process.

Important Info.

  • If you need information and do not live in one of the school zones listed, call New Bridge Learning Center at 804-328-8100, press 1 when prompted.
  • Federal Programs Preschool encourages families who have children with special needs to apply. If special accommodations are required, please notify staff when scheduling your appointment. 
  • Applying does not guarantee program placement. 
  • It is not required that your child be present for your appointment.
  • Henrico County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.
  • Transportation is provided according to HCPS Transportation guidelines. 

Recruitment Guidelines

Parent/Guardian must provide the following original documents to apply (No copies accepted) 

  • Completed Recruitment Packet 
    (A Recruitment Packet can be picked up from one of the elementary schools that are listed on this flyer or from New Bridge Learning Center.) 
  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Income for all family members (ie. W-2, Tax Form, 2 most recent paycheck stubs per individual, TANF verification, letter from employer indicating period of employment and salary, child support, social security benefits, unemployment)
  • Proof of Residence and Identification: 
    • Three Forms are Required 
      1. House Contract, Mortgage or Lease  Agreement (If you do not have a lease or mortgage in your name, please call for additional requirements) 
      2. Utility Bill dated within the last 30 days, AND
      3. Photo I.D. (Military I.D., Driver’s License, DMV I.D. or other photo I.D.) 
  • Social Security Card (A social security number is required within 90 days of enrollment. If your child is ineligible for a social security number, or if you do not wish to provide your child’s social security number, the Superintendent or his designee will waive this requirement, upon written request.)

  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Completed Physical Examination Form (dated within the last year). Page one (1) must be completed and signed by parent
  • Completed Dental Examination Form (dated within the last 6 months)
  • Court Ordered Custody Papers, if applicable
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if applicable 

Federal Programs Preschool Locations

Adams (804) 226-8745 
Arthur Ashe (804) 343-6550 
Baker (804) 226-8755 
Chamberlayne (804) 261-5030 
Crestview (804) 328-8112 
Donahoe (804) 328-4035 
Dumbarton (804) 756-3030 
Fair Oaks (804) 328-4085 
Glen Lea (804) 228-2725 
Greenwood (804) 328-8111 
Harvie (804) 343-7010 
Highland Springs (804) 328-4045 
Holladay (804) 261-5040 
Johnson (804) 673-3735 
Laburnum (804) 228-2720 
Lakeside (804) 261-5050 
Longan (804) 328-8112 
Longdale (804) 261-5095 
Montrose 226-8765 
Ratcliffe 343-6535 
Ridge 673-3745 
Sandston (Seven Pines) 328-4055 
Skipwith 328-8109 & 328-8110 
Trevvett 328-8109 
Ward 795-7030