The administration building is located in the Henrico County Eastern Government Center at 3820 Nine Mile Road. The mailing address is P.O. Box 23120, Henrico, Va. 23223. The main number is 804-652-3600. All phone numbers are in the 804 area code.

Department Contact Email Phone Number
Adult Education Gregory Lawson, Administrator 328-4095
Art Mike Kalafatis, Specialist 652-3756
Business Fahryka Elliott, Specialist 781-1812
Career & Technical Education Mac Beaton, Director 781-1818
Career/Business Partnerships Brad Beazley, Specialist 781-1811
Communications & Public Relations Andy Jenks, Director 652-3724
Construction & Maintenance Susan Moore, Director 652-3899
Counseling Regina Brown, Specialist 652-3307
Driver Education Benita Turner, Specialist 652-3741
Elementary Language Arts Lynn Smith, Specialist 652-3768
Elementary Mathematics Victoria Bohidar, Specialist 652-3746
Elementary Schools Mary Cox, Director 652-3738
Elementary Schools Dr. Rich Hall, Director 652-3794
Elementary Schools Dr. Michelle McQueen Williams, Director 652-3736
Elementary Science Judy Christopher, Specialist 652-3617
Elementary Social Studies Carol Simopoulos, Specialist 652-3755
ESIP (Elementary School Intervention Programs) Crystal Blount, Coordinator 328-4286
ESL & World Languages Val Gooss, Specialist 652-3742
Exceptional Education Donice Davenport, Director 652-3866
Family & Consumer Sciences LaRhonda Mason, Specialist 328-4110
Family Engagement Pam Bell, Director 652-3716
Finance & Administration Vacant, Assistant Superintendent 652-3268
Finance: Accounting Juan Smith, Division Director 652-3630
Finance: Budget Debra Hargrave, Director 652-3633
Finance: General Services Debbie Wood, Division Director 652-3640
Foundational Learning & Family Engagement Gail Jones, Director 652-3789
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Andy Jenks, FOIA Officer 652-3724
Gifted Programs Patty Griffin, Specialist 652-3790
Grants Coordination Cheryl Gray Ball, Specialist 652-3370
Health & Medical Sciences (CTE) Dr. Kitty Mauch, Specialist 781-1820
Health & Physical Education Benita Turner, Specialist 652-3741
Health Services Robin Gilbert, Supervisor 343-6521
High Schools Dr. Omega Wilson, Director 652-3848
Homebound Instruction Lisa H. Abernathey 652-3471
Homeless (McKinney-Vento) Deb Reed, HCPS McKinney-Vento Liaison 652-3854
Home School Resources Lisa H. Abernathey 652-3471
Human Resources Main Number 652-3664
Human Resources Dr. Donna Eagle, Chief Human Resources Officer 652-3656
Human Resources Dr. Nancy E. Jones-Oltjenbruns, Assistant Director 652-3672
Instruction Dr. Beth Teigen, Assistant Superintendent 652-3754
Instructional Support Nyah Hamlett, Assistant Superintendent 652-3825
Instructional Technology Kourtney Bostain, Assistant Director 652-3678
Internal Audit Sharlene Wrenn, Director 652-3714
International Baccalaureate April Craver, Specialist 261-6440
Library Services Anita Tarbox, Specialist 652-3700
Marketing Education Fahryka Elliott, Specialist 781-1812
Middle Schools Dr. Ingrid Grant, Director 652-3676
Music Rick Tinsley, Specialist 652-3759
Nontraditional Programs Crystal Blount, Coordinator 328-4285
Nutrition Services Peggy Gordon, Director 226-5520
Operations Al Ciarochi, Assistant Superintendent 652-3620
Payroll Main Number 652-3623
Payroll & Benefits Wayne Cosby, Manager 652-3622
Policies & Regulations Deb Reed, Specialist 652-3854
Pre-Engineering & Industrial Careers/Agricultural Education/JROTC Shawn Gross, Specialist 781-1821
Preschool Andrea Ross, Specialist 328-8017
Psychological Services Dr. Teresa Crenshaw, Supervisor 343-6500
Records Management, Transcripts Deb Reed, Specialist 652-3854
Research & Planning Dr. Tiffany Hinton, Director 652-3838
Residency Compliance Lori McConnell, Officer 652-3544
Resource Center Renee Soniat, Facilitator 328-8117
Response to Intervention (RtI) Christina Vitek, Specialist 343-6500
Safety & Emergency Management Christine Bailor, Coordinator 652-3511
School Assignment/Variance Deb Reed, Specialist 652-3854
School Attorney Audrey Burges, Assistant County Attorney 652-3822
School Attorney Wade Anderson, Assistant County Attorney 652-3822
School Board Support Debbie Ward, Clerk 652-3808
School Improvement & Professional Development Dr. Stephen Castle, Director 652-3840
Secondary Language Arts Erica Basnight-Johnson, Specialist 652-3740
Secondary Mathematics Skip Tyler, Specialist 652-3753
Secondary Science Laura Casdorph, Specialist 652-3758
Secondary Social Studies Mike Hasley, Specialist 652-3752
Social Work Dr. Jan Parrish, Supervisor 343-6500
Special Education Donice Davenport, Director 652-3866
Special Education – East Zone (Secondary) Ashley Reyher, Specialist 652-3803
Special Education – West Zone (Secondary) Kimber Coffey, Specialist 652-3546
Special Education – East Zone (Elementary) Susan Grainer, Specialist 652-3547
Special Education – West Zone (Elementary) Tiffany Owens, Specialist 652-3873
Student Activities (K-12) John Carroll, Specialist 652-3761
Student Support & Disciplinary Review Dr. William Noel, Sr., Director 652-3713
Superintendent Dr. Patrick Kinlaw, Superintendent 652-3717
Technology Brian Maddox, Director 328-5220
Testing & Assessments Cathy Durvin, Division Director 652-3595
Title I Mary Beth Libby, Coordinator 328-8102
Transportation Main Number 226-5577
Transportation Josh Davis, Director 226-5563
TV Services John Gill, Specialist 652-3673