Henrico County Public Schools provides numerous opportunities for stakeholders to serve on committees and advisory councils.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Advisory Council
The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Advisory Council works with volunteers from local businesses to provide appropriate business-related curriculum to CTE students and staff. The Council is determined to provide students with necessary resources and effective skills to succeed in the business world. Meetings are held monthly and take place at an Advanced Career Education Center or Specialty Center. For more information call (804) 781-1818.

English as a Second Language Committee
The English as a Second Language Committee focuses on the creation and discussion of innovative strategies to effectively work with students and families who speak English as a second language. The Committee meets three times annually to communicate ideas on how to better ESL learning and teaching. For more information call (804) 652-3742.

Federal Programs Advisory Council

Gifted Education Advisory Council
The Gifted Education Advisory Council informs the School Board of the educational needs and progress of gifted students. The Council reviews plans for gifted education and provides opportunities for feedback including surveys and questions relating to achieving success among gifted students. The Council meets five times annually at 6:00 p.m. each time. For more information call (804) 652-3765.

Henrico Education Foundation
The Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) Advisory Board, also known as “Friends of HEF,” assists with fundraising and volunteer needs of the Foundation. The board raises awareness of issues that are impacting public education. Meetings occur quarterly, and members, who serve a two-year term, are appointed by the Henrico Education Foundation Board of Directors. For more information call (804) 652-3869.

Mathematics/Science Innovation Center Foundation

Special Education Advisory Committee
The Special Education Advisory Committee is determined to provide equal representation and effective learning environments for students with disabilities. Members are appointed by the school board and are expected to serve a three year term. The Committee meets monthly. For more information call (804) 652-3801.

Lay Advisory Committee
The Lay Advisory Committee acts as a liaison between the parents, board of supervisors, community members, and teachers. It can act in an advisory role on topics its members deem important. The committee can and has brought these stakeholders together for open discussions regarding a variety of issues.  Anyone interested in education and the school system can come to these meetings.

Vocational/Technical Education Foundation
The Vocational/Technical Education Foundation is made up of volunteers who have experience in construction. The Foundation partners with students in order to provide hands-on experience in a variety of fields and allows the students to build a house. Meetings are held monthly. For more information call (804) 781-1818.